Karin Culliton

Creative Media Producer


A lifetime of experience

I’ve been crafting stories since I was three

I am a creative media producer located in Toronto. I am fully versed in video, digital, print and photo, and I have over ten years of experience working as an art director.

demo reel

I direct, produce, write and shoot promos, documentaries, interviews, sizzles and event footage. I also edit, colour correct and create animated typography/graphics.


I shoot editorial, production stills, corporate portraits and event footage. I’m also a photo editor – assigning original photography and finessing the end product for publication.

Art Direction

I art direct and design material for both digital and print, including magazines, websites, marketing materials, brand identities, logos, DM, advertisements, books, posters and B2B.


I love the behind-the-scenes research and information gathering that goes into a deeper and more meaningful narrative, and how these ideas are further developed through collaboration.