Everyone has a story.

I am Karin Culliton, a Creative Content Producer living in Toronto, Canada.

I believe everyone has a story worth telling. My own history is varied, my experiences are diverse, and my story has peaks, valleys, challenges and triumphs. This history shaped my ability to think differently and adapt to an ever-changing world, and led to my fascination with storytelling.

About me.

My career trajectory shows both an entrepreneurial and creative spirit.

Key deets.

A few professional and personal highlights

Created brand standards, templates and libraries to increase productivity and turn-around for account team, generate cohesion across platforms and decrease production costs.

Between 2017-2019, fundraising from the YWCA Toronto’ s Women of Distinction Awards increased by 25%.

Created and implemented multiple new looks and formats to improve video engagement.

Created and taught a fiction film class to a group of homeless youth at Eva’s Phoenix, with the final film winning ‘Best Short Short’ at the 2019 Toronto Short Film Festival.